How to Make Canvas Photo Paintings

A canvas photo painting is just a painting on canvas based on a photo.
There are basically two ways to make a canvas photo painting: do it yourself or have an artist to paint it.

The cheapest way is to do it yourself. To convert a canvas photo to an art painting you need some kind of photo editing software.

The best tool is without doubt Adobe Photoshop. But for most people this is way too expensive. Instead you can use the much cheaper Adobe Photoshop Element, which is a light version of Adobe Photoshop. But for the purpose of making canvas photo art, it is very good. Both programs can be downloaded in a free one-month trial version.

Using the filters in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Photoshop Elements you can make different kinds of “paintings” like Watercolor canvas photos or Sketch Drawing Canvas Photos. The best way to find the painting style that suits you is to play with the filters.

When you canvas photo is ready, you just upload it as a normal photo on canvas.

If you want the real deal and not just a “canvas art”-lookalike canvas photo, the right choice is a hand painted canvas painting based on a photo.

Depending on the dealer, the paintings are created with traditional paint or on a computer. But they are always manually hand painted. No computer-automated processes are used.

You can have your photo painted in many styles. Do you like the modern or the classic look? It is up to you.

All famous artists have their own style – from Van Gogh to Andy Warhol. And you can have your canvas photo painted exactly as you like it. The painters are very good to imitate the famous artists.

If the painting is hand painted the traditional way, the normal material is oil painting. But it does not have to be that way. You can also choose to have your photos painted with charcoal, watercolor or pastel. Even pencil and acrylic are possibilities.

Normally you can approve the painting before you buy it. If you are not satisfied, the artist will make the wished changes.

The Amazing Light Painting Technique

Light painting is a term that I had never heard of until a few days ago. I was looking at a few photos on a photo web site, and I must say that I am amazed at the quality of some of the photos that were exhibited there.

Especially interesting to me was a set of pictures taken by a photographer that had the look of the “old world” Dutch master painters. The Light painting is just fantastic and the end result is most appealing. You can view some examples at

The execution of Light Painting is actually very simple, although getting good results maybe a bit more exacting. First, set up a table with a dark cloth backdrop. Next, arrange your still life objects. Set up your camera on a tripod and focus on your objects with all the lights on.

Turn the lights off after you set your shutter speed to around 20 seconds. Click the shutter. Shine a flashlight on different parts of your objects that you want to highlight for about 2 seconds on each spot.

After 20 seconds you will have your Light Painted photo. This is of course is a very simplistic explanation of Light Painting and you will probably have to take 20 or 30 pictures to get it right, but it gives you the basic idea of how it works.

Photo Frame – A Creative Home Decor Accessory

Who doesn’t want to capture memorable moments of holidaying with friends, family or time that you have spend with your partner. As photos play an essential role to remind us of the days spend with our dear ones. So, why not frame these photos to live the happy moments of happiness long after you are back from holidaying. While personal taste is obviously the most important factor to consider when framing photos, you should also take into consideration the other aspects of the framing process.

Your photo frame should exhibit photos in the best possible light, also complementing the decor of the room. The right picture frame will help your photo to catch the attention of the viewers, without overwhelming it or clashing with it. Moreover, these frames also help in protecting your photo from damage or any other sort of deterioration. Here are few ideas on how to make a creative photo frame:

Painted Photo Frames
Painting your photo frames is an excellent option if you are bored and want to change the look of the color. Try painting all the frames on a grouping of photos one color, as this will help to tie them together visually. If you think any of your current photo frames to be gaudy or tacky, try painting over it in a neutral color, such as beige or black. You can also paint decorative flourishes onto frames–try using stencils to add interesting shapes and embellishments to them.

Bulletin boards
Bulletin boards and old crates can also be transformed to these frames when used imaginatively. There is something very quaint and interesting about old bulletin boards. Make use of this feature to accentuate your photos – just adhere them on to the board in a simple way and your half of the job is done. Same goes for the crates, attach photos to the inner side of the crates and fix painting hangers at the back. And its for sure that how these simple things add a great accent to your photos and turn them into artful home decor accessories.

Embossed Frames
Embossing is another wonderful idea to add creativity to these picture frames. This can be easily accomplished using embossing stamps and powders. Try to use stamping photo frames with flowers, foliage, insects, fleur-de-lis, fish, fruit or other decorative motifs.

Decorative Matting
Nondescript frames can be rescued by using intriguing, flattering matting. Always use acid-free matting, as other types of matting may damage your photos. While some frames need to be matched with the colors of the photo. Choose the matting colors that most appeal to you, taking into account that monochromatic tones tend to be most complementary.