What Can You Have Painted in Photo to Painting Art?

So you’ve just heard that you can have your photos turned into paintings. This is pretty cool, since you can take a small photo and turn it into something much larger and even make it accessible to those who may not have a copy of the photo or perhaps use the portrait for memorial purposes. But the question is-what exactly can you have changed from photo to painting?

First of all, you can have a picture of your pets changed from a photo into a picture. You can pick a simple picture, one of them sleeping, or pretty much anything that you can think of and have it changed. If you just recently lost your pet, this can be a really nice way of reminding the family of how special that they were.

Secondly, you have the option of having wedding photos painted. This is perfect for anniversaries or for those who have lost their spouses. It’s a special way in order to remember a very special time and to also have it forever memorialized.

You can also have pictures of newborns painted. If you want to show off your little one at their best and first moments, you can have their photo to painting painted and then put it up in a special place in your home.

Or perhaps you have an older relative who can’t see very well and you want them to have a few photos that they can see well again. This would be a perfect opportunity to give them a painting of a few of their favorite pictures and bring them back to life for them. Take the time to really examine what types of paintings that you want to use.

You can either buy from a company online or you can instead go to an art gallery. Keep in mind that shopping at an art gallery for an artist who will paint your picture might be a bit more expensive. You cannot be sure of how much it will end up costing you and in most cases it is simply cheaper to go by the online route.

There are also several options as to what medium your painting will be painted with. You can choose from oil paintings, which last a long time and have rather vivid colors (a perfect choice for vivid pictures!).

Then you have watercolor. Watercolor takes some true skill as the paint is a bit tricky to manipulate, but the results are soft, almost angelic. Perfect for photos to paintings of newborns and toddlers.

Color and pencil sketches are also really nice options for those who prefer a cleaner, more regular look. They are very simple-but this doesn’t mean that they are any less beautiful. Take the time to decide which type of artwork will look the best with your paintings. You need to make sure that you are happy with the artwork and that it fits what you wanted/needed from it.

Getting A Painting From A Photo

Photography and painting are arguably the two most popular forms of the visual arts. Both of them can be very expressive and communicate a thought, concept, or feeling a lot better than just using words. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words right? But, what if you have a photo that you think would work better as a painting? Maybe you don’t have the time, resources, or skills needed to paint something as detailed as a photograph. Not to worry, you can easily get your favourite photo converted into a painting that you can be proud of. Not only is getting a painting from a photo possible, it is also a relatively simple process.

If getting your favourite photo painted onto a canvas by a professional artist sounds good to you, then continue reading. A photo can often freeze a special moment in time and allow it to be enjoyed again and again. You can go back to the day that photo was taken every single time you look at it. But, what if you want it to be something more memorable and permanent? Having an artist do a portrait of the scene in a photo is not as hard as it may seem. That special memory can go from a photo gathering dust in a scrapbook to a painting hanging above your mantle easily. Having a professional portrait artist do a painting from a photo is a good option if you want the painting to match the details in the photo.

If you do decide to get that special memory painted on a canvas, it can be done however you would like. There are many possibilities for alterations. After all, it’s your photo and your memory. The process of making a painting from a photo leaves a lot of room for fun alterations. You can have the background changed, you can add or remove a subject from the scene, you can change the contrast, and do a lot more. You can have that scene just the way you want it. A painting made from and old photo combined with your own creative ideas can turn into something interesting.

Maybe paint is not your preferred medium. You could also consider getting the photo sketched onto a piece of paper. As with getting a painting from a photo, the process of sketching the subject of a photo out also leaves a lot of room for creativity. You could get it done in black and white or in color if that is what you would prefer. Getting a color sketch of a variety of photos in a collage type of style can be a fun project. Getting bits and pieces of all of your special memories sketched in detail together on the same paper offers the advantage of seeing them all in one place.

The possibilities are limited to your imagination. A photo doesn’t have to stay just a photo. A painting or a sketch of your photo can be a fun, interesting, and more permanent way of preserving your memory. Your painting or sketch can hang on your wall and be admired every time you walk past it. You will also be able to reflect on the memories that come with that special piece every time you walk past it.

Choosing Photo Or Photography Studio Backgrounds

Photo or photography studio backgrounds include muslin, flatplain cotton, chroma key, vinyl, hand painted and digitally printed backgrounds.

Muslin backgrounds are ideal for the mobile photographer who is on location photography. They are light and easy to transport and are available in a wide variety of colors ranging from simple flat colors to mottled colors and flat dyed colors.

Flat cotton photo studio backgrounds are affordable and very versatile, and are available in colors which suit every type of person regardless of their skin or hair color. They are perhaps more suitable for permanent use rather than for mobile use because they tend to crease, although the creases can be flattened.

The great advantage of chroma key photo studio backgrounds, with their high chroma key colors, is that the background can later be removed from the photograph and replaced by a digital photo background.

Every photography studio should have at least one good quality high key white vinyl photo background. They are perfectly opaque and have a matt finish so they don’t cast shadows. They create quite a `stark’ look, which some photographers might like and others might dislike.

Hand painted photo studio backgrounds can help the portrait photographer to create very atmospheric photographs, and the themes for these backgrounds include seasonal themes such as Christmas themes, childrens’ themes and romantic settings for newly-weds. They can either be purchased ready-made from a photo studio backgrounds supplier or they can be created individually by an artist.

Digitally printed photo studio backgrounds can be printed on non-woven fabric or vinyl backgrounds. Both give good results but vinyl gives the best results. The images can range from high resolution photographic quality images to text and graphics which have been generated by a computer.