Photo to Painting – Basic Information

The history tells us that the first photographs were made in mid 1800-s, age of realism, some claimed that photography was threat to painting back then, but some did not, just like young Gustave Courbet (1819-1877). However as the time passed things have changed, modern photography did change the path of painting until 1990-s when they finally united and became one of the most popular styles in modern art. Combining these two artistic movements is maybe one of the greatest thing a man could do in history of art since the mid 1800-s.

In today’s photography and painting even independent as they are, in big measures confront each other paths in different ways. Photo to painting is one of the ways where that difference is unnoticeable. Artist all over the world are making this kind of paintings and for sure they enjoy it.

People sometimes have urgent need to express their emotions on some ways photography makes those emotions visible to them. We take pictures when we are happy, sad, neutral emotion we hide or exposure, the objective of camera can catch.

But we could all agree that there is nothing prettier, more attracting and powerful like a painting made on canvas or some other material or paper. Paintings have soul, power, glamour and paintings decorate our homes, hearts and lives. There is a very popular art called photo to painting which we mentioned above. Artists (painters) paint on canvas or paper pictures from photos, with choice of changing the photo, you can adjust it even better, add details, whole persons if you want, change colors, size, shape, just everything that comes to your mind. When you find yourself what were you looking for, the artist will make you a new masterpiece that has its own value.

Present day gives you possibilities that you couldn’t imagine years before, so why not use it and make new history moments turned to paintings afterwards. Choose your favorite photos today and make paintings of them. They will bring you style and forever lasting memories in a shape of a canvas painting which is one of the most valuable art type of all times.

Believe it or not, the advances that have been made for the past years have resulted in a lot of advancements. Now you can have all that you want in a lot of ways never imagined before. Pictures of you with your children, girlfriends, classmates, and of course those weird pictures of your childhood you don’t want to frame and put them on the wall of your room because they’ve portions that you want removed. Now, if you were to Photoshop that, there still will be traces of that and you’ll just mess it all up.

The only solution then lies in turning them in to paintings to maintain their charm and make them more valuable.